NMT has an integrated 4-Section Foundry which produces a wide range of Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Non-Ferrous Metal products such as Municipal Castings (Gratings and Manhole Covers) as well as an assortment of other products designed based on customer specifications (Ball Mill Parts, Crusher Jaw Plates, Hammers, Ship Anchors, Counter Weights etc.)

Our Pattern Production Unit is fully equipped with a collection of wood processing machines and hand tools used to produce both simple and complex patterns. There are 3 Moulding Lines; 2 of which are for small and medium castings (using Bentonite mixtures) and 1 for larger castings (using Furan mixtures).

Our Castings are manufactured using the most stringent of procedures and processes, ensuring adherence to applicable quality standards. Our Fettling section is equipped with material conditioning and surface finishing equipment required to meet various finishing specifications.

The Foundry’s dedicated Quality Control and Testing Laboratory ensures we are adequately positioned to produce a wide range of alloys which serve the needs of various industries (Cement, Quarrying, Mining, and Shipping etc.)

Material Specifications Include:

ASTM A27/A27M, ASTM A148/A148M ASTM A128/A128M, ASTM A297/A297M ASTM A532/A532M, ASTM A1001 ASTM A536-84, ASTM A48/A48M

Industrial Spares

Nigeria Machine Tools is a premium choice for entities seeking a guaranteed supply of industrial parts, for obsolete equipment maintenance and as stop-gap solutions for modern equipment. Our Industrial Spares Production process employs either;

  • Conventional Engineering (Forward Engineering Practice)
  • Reverse Engineering Practice : Employing technology to Recover working designs and reveal component make up and product requirements that will inform the production process.