Our strengths and capabilities lie in our Production Hubs and Process Centres. Each facility is equipped with state of the art production equipment and located within six major factory buildings.
CNC Machining Hubs, Machine Tools Assembly Plants.
Thread Rolling Plant, Electro Discharge CNC Machining Unit, Conventional Machine Tools Hub, Central Quality Control Centre.
Melting Section, Moulding Section, Fettling Section, Pattern Shop, Foundry Quality Control System
Facilitates all nature of fabrications from small to large pieces.
Fluoro-Polymer (PTFE) Spray Coating & Powder Coating Plant, Hot Deep Galvanizing Plant, Electroless Nickel Plating Plant and Blackening Plant.
Machining, Sheet Metal Works etc. Through Entrepreneurship Programs, Corporate Training Workshops, Institutional/Academic Support Courses etc.
Scrap Yard, Power Station Centre, In-house and Guest Residence Facilities.

Fabrication Workshop Equipment

APWBA3020 Premium, CNC Ultra high Pressure Water jet Cutting Machine
MIG Welder SIP Autoplus60
Spot Welding machine
Manual Bending Machine
GP-25 Pedestal grinder
GG300 Pedestal Grinder
DP25 Pillar Drilling Machine
Mechanical Press 250Ton
Hydraulic Press 300Ton
Air Compressor R6-2-586
ASE Guillotine ShearTS80294
Monogan Press Brake S60 – 003
Morgan ASIS 50 Threadle Manual Guillotine Shear
Manual Rolling Machine BSRN/800/50
Hand Operated Guillotine NPT 000/2
Mechanical Eccentric Press Len 63 C
Power Rolling Machine
Cross Carriage Profile Flame Cutting Machine
Corta – N 500 x 500


Fabrication Workshop Equipment

Universal Numerical Controlled lathe SPT 32
CNC Copy Lathe SUI 40
CNC Universal Tool Milling and Boring M/C FNG 63
CNC Thread & Worm Grinding M/C TH160U / 1600
Centre Lathe NH22/1000 & 1500
Centre Lathe NH26/1000, 1500 & 2000
Capstan Lathe (Swing 260 x Height 125mm)
Vertical Milling Machine FN2V & 3V
Horizontal Milling Machine FN2V & 3V
Universal Milling Machine FN2V & 3V
Universal Tool and Cutter Milling M/C FNGJ 63 DRO
Ram Type Milling M/C MITR
Polyangular Drilling Machine FNK 25A
Multi Spline Hobbing & Thread Milling M/c ZFWVG 250
Radial Drill RD 61 & 63
Pillar Drill DP 25
Bench Drill DB 13
Oil Groove Cutting M/C
Centreless Grinding M/C GCL 60
Universal Precision Cylindrical Grinding M/C G17U
Pedestal grinding Machine GP25 & 30
Surface Grinding Machine SFWI & II
Cylindrical Grinding Mc K 130/800U: G17/1200F, 800F
Universal Internal Grinding Machine BDU 250A
Horizontal & Vertical Broaching Machine RW5
EDM CNC Wire Cutting M/C Supercut 734
EDM Spark Erosion M/C Electra F755
Deep Hole Boring M/C
Key Way Milling Machine FNW 32 x 500
Slotting Machine CH 25
Facing and Centering machine F 25
Tool and Cutter Grinder GTC 28
Hydraulic Straightening Press S 40 RH
Gear Shaping/Hobbing & Chamfering Machines
Automatic Cold Circular Metal Sawing M/C PKA 13 & 25
Power hacksaw CH 20 & 30

Heavy Parts Workshop Equipment

Heavy Duty Lathe L45 – 3000
Heavy Duty CNC Lathe L45 – 5000
Radial Drill RD 65
Single Column Bed Milling Machine FSS 80 CNC
Vertical machining Centre FCQV 63 CNC
Universal Column and Knee Type Milling Machine
Turret Lathe SUI63 CNC Bosch Control
Heavy Duty Vertical surface Grinder BPV 80A -3000
Vertical Hydraulic Honing Machine VZH 160/800F
Vertical Milling Machine EM 4V
Horizontal Milling Machine EM 4H
Horizontal Boring Machine AZ 9
Horizontal Boring & Milling M/c WHN 13.8 CNC
Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine W 100A
Induction Hardening Plant
Horizontal Machining Center 1000
Double Column CNC Plano Miller
CNC Slideway Grinding machine
Horizontal Balancing Machine
Heavy Duty Cylindrical Grinding M/C
10 Ton Demag Overhead Electric Travelling Crane
5 Ton Demag Overhead Electric Travelling Crane
5 Ton Fixed Jib Crane
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